Cassowary Poo!

Daintree Discovery Centre is now selling Cassowary Poo! A special product to raise awareness and conservation around these important keystone species.

Did you know cassowaries help grow the rainforest? They eat fruit and fungi and are the only known disperser of many larger-fruited rainforest plant species.

Once the fruit has passed through their digestive system, most of the fleshy part has been removed from the seed, leaving it ready to germinate in a lovely pile of compost – or Cassowary Poo! to you – in another part of the forest away from the mother tree.

What make this product even more special, is that for every sale, we give back to Rainforest Rescue, helping to protect the Daintree rainforest and restore important wildlife corridors.

Entry Fees

Adult: AUD$35.00
Concession/Student: AUD$32
Child: AUD$16.00 (5 - 17 years)
Family: AUD$85.00

Audio Tour (8 languages)
68 Page Interpretive Guide Book
7 Day free re-entry
Children's Audio Tour (suit 5 - 9 years)

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