Summer in the Daintree

Summer is in full swing up here in the Daintree – bask in the sun, dip in cool rainforest streams, relax under palm trees and enjoy the sounds of the rainforest all around you.

This month we’re featuring a selection of all the birds and critters you can discover in the Daintree Rainforest – let us know which ones you have spotted yourself already.

We love discovering everyone’s adventures on social media – thanks to all the photographers for tagging #discoverthedaintree and #daintreediscoverycentre in their Instagram pics:


Photo credits:

Cruiser Butterfly

Image by @theportdouglasbeachhouse


Olive-backed Sunbird

Image by @mr_moz_photos


Sleepy Bullfrog

Image by @dodgerjones


Cassowary Chicks

Image by @johanlarsonphotography


Mating Robber Flies

Image by @daintreediscovery


Brahminy Kite

Image by @juliaschachingerphoto



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Daintree Discovery Centre Enters Ecotourism Australia Hall of Fame

The Daintree Discovery was inducted into Ecotourism Australia’s Hall of Fame last night, for being ECO certified for 20 years.

The awards were presented during the gala dinner of the Global Eco Asia Pacific Tourism Conference, held at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, north of Cairns.

The Daintree Discovery Centre, which celebrated 30 years this year, is an award-winning ecotourism attraction in the heart of the Daintree, providing visitors with an opportunity to view the rainforest from the forest floor all the way up to the upper most regions of the canopy.

Abi Ralph, manager of the Daintree Discovery Centre, said ecotourism and sustainability were at the core of the business.

“Everything we do at the Discovery Centre reinforces the need to preserve the Daintree Rainforest. We have elevated walkways designed to protect the fragile root systems, Interpretive displays that foster environmental sustainability and we model best practice in water conservation, waste management, recycling and eco-friendly design,” she said.

Induction into the Hall of Fame is an honour now bestowed upon 26 ecotourism businesses, the first of whom were entered into the Hall of Fame in 2018, 22 years after Ecotourism Australia’s certification program was fist launched as the National Ecotourism Accreditation Program (NEAP) – now ECO Certification.

Ecotourism Australia CEO Rod Hillman said that this year’s awardees were some of the leading ecotourism operators in the country, whose longevity and continued success in a rapidly changing industry was testament to their continued commitment to sustainable business practices and dedication to benefiting the communities and environments in which they operate.

“We are very proud to welcome these 12 operators into our Ecotourism Australia Hall of Fame. They are our nation’s true ecotourism innovators, and their leadership has paved the way for more responsible and sustainable tourism as we experience it today,” he said.




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Daintree Tourism Radio Making Waves

The beauty, uniqueness and antiquity of the Daintree Rainforest along with useful travel tips from those who know the region best – locals – will now be shared with visitors through a new community-based tourism radio initiative.

Spearheaded by the Daintree Discovery Centre with the support of the Douglas Shire Council, the project has been more than 12 months in the making and Abi Ralph, manager of the Daintree Discovery Centre, said it was incredibly rewarding to be able to turn the narrowcast licence on just in time for the Christmas holiday period.

Running in a similar format to a “podcast”, the information on Daintree Radio 87.6FM will played on an approximate 35-minute rotation at the Daintree River ferry crossing.

“The content in the broadcast has been specifically curated for the visitor market, giving them the opportunity to hear the authentic voices and stories about the Daintree and helping them get the most out of their visit.”

Ms Ralph said the broadcast also contained lots of great information on swimming safety, wildlife spotting, driving to conditions particularly with cassowaries, sticking to paths and boardwalks and being an environmentally conscious traveller, helping to protect the fragile environment.

“Visitors will be able to engage with the colour, adventure and spirit of the Daintree through our broadcast and range of interviews,” she added.

Among those taking to the airwaves is Lauren Bath, the world-famous photographer who’s been called Australia’s first professional Instagrammer.

Bath, who has a dedicated following of almost half a million people on Instagram, talks about her favourite locations in the Daintree and how to take the perfect pic in this “green” environment.

“I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I actually lived in the Daintree Rainforest for three years.

“Well before my career as a travel photographer and professional Instagrammer, I was a chef at Heritage Lodge, so I have a real love and appreciation for the area,” she said.

Also featured in the broadcast is Brooke Nikora, Master Reef Guide at Ocean Safari who shares her knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef and the importance of reef and the rainforest and the connecting of these two World Heritage listed sites.

Peter Eldred, operations manager at the Daintree Discovery Centre also points visitors in the right direction to make the most of their time including spotting the elusive cassowary and Matt Cornish, wildlife educator and tour guide offers up information on where to find the best ice cream, swimming hole and most unique accommodation – among other treasures.

Foodies aren’t forgotten either with Bill Conway of Port Douglas’s Salsa Bar and Grill summing up delicious Daintree produce while listeners can take the road less travelled with tour operator Laurence Mason on the Bloomfield Track.

Taking people on the journey is radio broadcast veteran Mark Littler, from Triple M, who was very happy to support the community project, bringing the overall vision together and to the airways.

“It has been fantastic to work on this project and share just how special and unique the Daintree Rainforest is.

“We hope the visitors get a lot out of it, and come away from the Daintree Rainforest with a real appreciation for this incredible natural wonder.”

Visitors can tune in to the Daintree Radio on FM frequency 87.6 at the Daintree River Ferry.


NOTE: A narrowcast licence is designed to target special interest groups or which are received in a limited location for limited period of time – so in the case of Daintree Radio, it is specifically for travellers who are positioned close to the Daintree River ferry crossing.



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October in the Daintree

This month is featuring a cassowary with his chick – Did you know that male cassowaries spend the first nine months raising and defending their chicks? – another perfect view, overlooking the treetops of the wonderful Daintree, a change of perspective on where the rainforest meets the reef – from underwater, the cutest Golden Possum, the amazing night sky with the Milky Way shining bright, and a little dinosaur.

We loved discovering your adventures on social media – thank you for tagging #discoverthedaintree and #daintreediscoverycentre in your Instagram pics:


Photo credits:

Cassowary with chick

Image by @frastornate_wildlife 


The perfect view

Image by @vkingarts


Where the rainforest meets the reef

Image by @oceansafaricapetrib


Golden Possum

Image by @danieljameskenny


Milky Way

Image by @alexmurison


Little Dinosaur

Image by @mossmangorge



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Daintree September Highlights

September is still one of our cooler, dry season with balmy days and pleasantly cool evenings – perfect to explore and wander through the Daintree Rainforest.

We loved discovering your adventures on social media – thank you for tagging #discoverthedaintree and #daintreediscoverycentre in your Instagram pics:

The strongest animal in the world (compared to body weight), the (in our opinion) most beautiful coast line, a cassowary out and about, a very cute White-Lipped Tree Frog, the Daintree River from above and a saltwater croc spotted in there.


Photo credits:

Rhinoceros Beetle

Image by @vkingarts


Paradise Found

Image by @riancope



Image by @bingetravelers2018


White Lipped Tree Frog

Image by @takemethere_photography


Daintree River

Image by @stevecpinnell


Saltwater Crocodile

Image by @brodie_moloney



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Significant Rainforest Donation Grows Daintree Relationship

The symbiotic bond between Rainforest Rescue and the Daintree Discovery Centre has been reinforced with a donation of $3053.

Australia’s largest remaining rainforest – and the oldest tropical lowland rainforest in the world – has been benefitting for 17 years from the relationship between the rainforest reviver and the education centre.

The annual donation to Rainforest Rescue is made up of several DDC revenue streams from wristbands and stickers to the Centre’s “cassowary poo”, aka sweets.

Branden Barber, chief executive of Rainforest Rescue, said the partnership with the Daintree Discovery Centre was pivotal to spreading the word on just how unique and important the Daintree is.

“This is Australia’s largest remaining rainforest. It is the world’s longest continuously existing and evolving rainforest.

“Being able to showcase what the Daintree is, and how important it is to the planet, is an essential part of our commitment to educate and the Daintree Discovery Centre does that beautifully.”

Mr Barber said the Daintree Discovery Centre was a wonderful place to visit and learn through the immersive rainforest walks and the accompanying exhibits and displays.

“It’s fabulous! We send everyone we can to the Centre and we are looking forward to doing more with the people there as we strive to educate the world about the importance of this magnificent example of living biodiversity in evolution.”

Mr Barber said the annual donation from the Daintree Discovery Centre helped Rainforest Rescue with its local nursery, seed collection and plant propagation to produce more trees to grow more rainforest.

As in nature, the relationship is mutually beneficial – the Centre is essential in the collection of seeds from the rainforest to assist with Rainforest Rescue’s restoration work.

“Our motto is Protect Rainforests Forever and we do that hand in hand with the Daintree Discovery centre.”

Rainforest Rescue raises more than 20,000 plants from more than 200 species annually. The group has been protecting and replanting rainforests since 1998.

Daintree Discovery Centre manager Abi Ralph said helping Rainforest Rescue was a real pleasure. “They do a critical job replanting and restoring the rainforest.

“We are proud to be associated with such a committed, effective and valuable organisation and to make this annual donation to help out.”

For more information on Daintree Discovery Centre visit


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Daintree Discovery Centre Celebrates 30 Years

The Daintree Discovery Centre will celebrate its 30th birthday on Wednesday, August 7, marking three decades of hard work, innovation, education and environmental guardianship of this unique piece of Australia.

The Centre has been a fun and informative introduction to the Wet Tropics for over 1.8 million visitors, giving them an appreciation of the significance of the world’s oldest lowland tropical rainforest and easy access to all its beauty and secrets from the heights of the canopy to the depths of the jungle floor.

Throughout its 30-year history the Centre has personified invention: its creators Ron and Pam Birkett built it from scratch on a site without power, phone service or reticulated water with only dirt road access.

Today it is world-class visitor and interpretive centre, leading the way in eco-tourism and providing an important scientific site for research, including participating in a global carbon flux study.

The centre is now steered by the Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust and general manager Brian Arnold said the 30th anniversary is an important milestone.

“The Centre is the cornerstone of tourism in the Daintree. It provides visitors with the knowledge to make the most of their visit to this very special swathe of lowland tropical forest, which we want to share with as many people as possible.

“The Centre has always been innovative and intrepid, from the building of Australia’s first canopy tower in 1998 to its embracing of sustainability and a very soft environmental footprint.

“We still don’t have mains power, reticulated water or sewage – that pioneering spirit the Birketts brought to the project makes the Daintree Discovery Centre what it is today – an exceptional and one-of-a-kind tourism experience.”

The Centre has won more than 30 state and federal tourism awards as well as a United Nations award since it opened in 1989 and is a prime mover in a number of environmental campaigns such as increasing cassowary numbers and regeneration of rainforest.

The big 3-0 for the centre will be celebrated with visitors, former employees, the ADBT board and local dignitaries on Wednesday.

The Daintree Discovery Centre is on Tulip Oak Road (off Cape Tribulation Road) in Cow Bay. It is open every day except Christmas Day from 8.30am to 5pm.

For more information on Daintree Discovery Centre visit


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Amethystine Python

Look at this beauty we found at the Interpretive Centre on Thursday, last week (June 20)? The amethystine python (Simalia amethistina), also known as the scrub python or sanca permata locally, is nonvenomous and is found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australialia. It is one of the six largest snakes in the world, as measured either by length or weight, and is the largest native snake in Australia and Papua New Guinea.




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Three-In-One Pass Just The Ticket

Three of the Daintree’s most popular attractions have come together to offer the very best of culture, adventure, education and fun in one great money-saving package.

The Daintree Attractions Pass provides entry to the Mossman Gorge Centre Dreamtime Walk, Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour and the Daintree Discovery Centre – all on the one ticket.

Visit all the attractions on one day with a standard self-drive itinerary or customise each one separately over a seven-day period.

The big three ‘must see’ Daintree highlights together provide a fun, fascinating and unforgettable experience of the world’s heritage listed, oldest tropical rainforest and the ancient culture within it. The pass is suitable for all ages from three upwards.

Experienced Indigenous guides conduct the Mossman Gorge Dreamtime Walk. It includes a traditional smoking ceremony, stories of the Kuku Yalanji culture and traditions, a visit to a sacred ceremony site and soap and ochre paint-making demonstration.

The one-and-a-half hour intimate tour of about 15 guests also includes bush tea and damper and free access to the Mossman Gorge shuttle bus.

A thrilling adventure awaits on the Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour, which is a guided tree platform and zipline tour through all levels of the rainforest canopy.

Adventurers can enjoy more than an hour up in the rainforest canopy with spectacular views of the rainforest and reef, and fun and fascinating stories on each platform. Up to 12 tours depart daily from Cape Tribulation.

The Daintree Discovery Centre covers the whole rainforest experience from the ground to the canopy.

Rainforest boardwalks include a Bush Tucker Trail and Cassowary Circuit, five self-guided audio tours in eight different languages, an interpretive display, native fish and reptiles, a 23-metre canopy tower and 125-metre long Aerial Walkway Rainforest Skywalk.

A take home 68-page Daintree Rainforest Guide Book with local wildlife identification is also included.

The Daintree Attractions Pass costs $205 for adults and $140 for children (three to 14 years), a saving of $10 on each ticket.

Bookings may be made online, by phone or email through the Jungle Surfing Reservations team, through TicketMates, DCM or at each of the individual attractions.



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Daintree Highlights March 2019

Whether it was zip lining, board walks or snake-y cuddles, March definitely brought a lot of adventures for you – we truly enjoyed seeing all about your Daintree trips on social media.

Thank you for tagging #discoverthedaintree and #daintreediscoverycentre in your Instagram pics – that’s how we found all these visual treasures:

A view that never gets old, Lily the Green Tree Snake at Daintree Discovery Centre, a gorgeous aerial shot of the rainforest meeting the reef, one not so tiny spider, adventurous zip lining through the world’s oldest tree tops, and a beautiful board walk.


Photo credits:

Beautiful view

Image by @filbymedia


Lily the Green Tree Snake

Image by @e_mmaharris


Where the rainforest meets the reef

Image by @reedplummerimages


Colourful Spider

Image by @kaleidoskopeeyez



Image by @cosycosy


Board Walk

Image by @ohemenwayphoto



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Entry Fees

Adult: AUD$37.00
Concession/Student: AUD$34
Child: AUD$18.00 (5 – 17 years)
Family: AUD$90.00

Audio Tour (8 languages)
68 Page Interpretive Guide Book
7 Day free re-entry
Children’s Audio Tour (suit 5 – 9 years)

Recent Media

Position Vacant: Operations Supervisor

Position Summary The Operations Supervisor plays a critical leadership role at the Daintree Discovery Centre (DDC), ensuring a world-class tourism experience is consistently delivered to our customer

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