Carbon Offset Bio-sequestration

Daintree Discovery Centre Carbon Offset Bio-sequestration Project
At the Daintree Discovery Centre we are concerned about the environmental, social and economic values of the Daintree Rainforest land and the local community in which we live and work. We are committed to fostering environmental enlightenment, interpretation and the conservation of the unique bio-diversity of the Daintree Rainforest. Central to our environmental program is an ongoing commitment to reduce and neutralise the impact of carbon emissions.

The Discovery Centre’s carbon footprint has been audited and strategies developed to avoid, reduce and finally offset CO2 emissions by bio-sequestion. To read more click here Daintree Discovery Centre Carbon Offset Policy

Everything we do at the Centre reinforces the need to preserve this very special ancient rainforest. A series of interconnected, elevated walkways protect the forest’s fragile root systems. Interpretive displays foster environmental sustainability and the Centre models best practice in water conservation, waste management, recycling and eco-friendly design. To read more click here Daintree Discovery Centre Carbon Offset Project Update

Carbon Footprint Audit Process
An external audit of the Daintree Discovery Centre’s carbon footprint was conducted by an independent consultant, Kim Forde. This audit will be reviewed regularly to ensure accuracy and creditbility, and has been used to establish the number of trees that need to be planted to achieve carbon neutrality.  To read more click here Daintree Discovery Centre Carbon Footprint Audit Process

Ecotourism Accreditation

“A Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide” - World Resources Institute

Entry Fees

Adult: AUD$35.00
Concession/Student: AUD$32
Child: AUD$16.00 (5 - 17 years)
Family: AUD$85.00

Audio Tour (8 languages)
68 Page Interpretive Guide Book
7 Day free re-entry
Children's Audio Tour (suit 5 - 9 years)

Recent Media

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