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Daintree Discovery Centre sponsored James Cook University Research

In 2008, the Discovery Centree announced a 10 year sponsorship for James Cook University to further rainforest research. The project is known as the JCU / DDC Ozflux Station. Scientists led by Dr Mike Liddell have begun a long term monitoring program designed to unravel the changing carbon and water balance in the Daintree rainforest.

The JCU Carbon Flux Micro-meteorological Weather Station is located on top of the Discover Centre’s Canopy Tower and measures rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction and solar radiation. Information is used to gain a better understanding of why there are changes in the carbon balance and the water / energy balance in the rainforest.

Data from the Micromet Weather station will be compared to information from a number of similar research stations around the world.

Raw data is transmitted from the top of the Tower and can be viewed by visitors on a computer station located in the Daintree Discovery Centre’s Interpretive Display centre.

Click here for more information on the JCU Carbon Flux Micromet Project

For more information on Australian and New Zealand Flux Monitoring see


Dr Mike Liddell JCU with Micromet Weather Station on Canopy Tower

Dr Mike Liddell JCU with Micromet Weather Station on Canopy Tower

I didn't know much about Global Warming and Climate Change until I spent an afternoon at the Discovery Centre. R Foureur, Adelaide

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