Significant Rainforest Donation Grows Daintree Relationship

The symbiotic bond between Rainforest Rescue and the Daintree Discovery Centre has been reinforced with a donation of $3053.

Australia’s largest remaining rainforest – and the oldest tropical lowland rainforest in the world – has been benefitting for 17 years from the relationship between the rainforest reviver and the education centre.

The annual donation to Rainforest Rescue is made up of several DDC revenue streams from wristbands and stickers to the Centre’s “cassowary poo”, aka sweets.

Branden Barber, chief executive of Rainforest Rescue, said the partnership with the Daintree Discovery Centre was pivotal to spreading the word on just how unique and important the Daintree is.

“This is Australia’s largest remaining rainforest. It is the world’s longest continuously existing and evolving rainforest.

“Being able to showcase what the Daintree is, and how important it is to the planet, is an essential part of our commitment to educate and the Daintree Discovery Centre does that beautifully.”

Mr Barber said the Daintree Discovery Centre was a wonderful place to visit and learn through the immersive rainforest walks and the accompanying exhibits and displays.

“It’s fabulous! We send everyone we can to the Centre and we are looking forward to doing more with the people there as we strive to educate the world about the importance of this magnificent example of living biodiversity in evolution.”

Mr Barber said the annual donation from the Daintree Discovery Centre helped Rainforest Rescue with its local nursery, seed collection and plant propagation to produce more trees to grow more rainforest.

As in nature, the relationship is mutually beneficial – the Centre is essential in the collection of seeds from the rainforest to assist with Rainforest Rescue’s restoration work.

“Our motto is Protect Rainforests Forever and we do that hand in hand with the Daintree Discovery centre.”

Rainforest Rescue raises more than 20,000 plants from more than 200 species annually. The group has been protecting and replanting rainforests since 1998.

Daintree Discovery Centre manager Abi Ralph said helping Rainforest Rescue was a real pleasure. “They do a critical job replanting and restoring the rainforest.

“We are proud to be associated with such a committed, effective and valuable organisation and to make this annual donation to help out.”

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