At the Daintree Discovery Centre, we are passionate about conserving this ancient landscape – for you and your children – which is why all our self-guided tours are set out on elevated boardwalks. Take your time exploring the Cassowary Circuit, Bush Tucker Trail, Reptile Room, Jurassic Forest and 500-year-old strangler fig tree.

Visitors are encouraged to venture out into the actual rainforest itself. Four hundred metres of elevated boardwalks thread their way through the rainforest allowing the public to really experience this unspoiled wilderness for themselves – at the same time protecting the fragile rainforest environment.

There are strategically placed viewing platforms situated around the boardwalk where you can sit and enjoy the ambience of the rainforest at your leisure.

These well-maintained and intimate Boardwalks are by far the best in the Daintree Rainforest and surrounding areas.


This upper boardwalk runs through a natural Cassowary Corridor where many of the Cassowary’s favourite fruits are found. Discover unique plant species along the boardwalk and follow the interesting story of how the Cassowary survives in this ancient environment. Stop at McLean’s Lookout, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the sounds of the rainforest.


The Kuku Yalanji people thrived for thousands of years in the Daintree Rainforest, with rich sources of food to hunt and gather. Find out more about the traditional and Indigenous uses of many local rainforest fruits and learn about important Australian native species that helped shape survival in tough outback conditions.


Science and entertainment collide in the Centre’s ‘lively’ dinosaur exhibit, the Jurassic Forest. It will take you back more than 65 million years, when giant carnivorous dinosaurs and megafauna roamed the ancient rainforests of Australia. The Daintree rainforest has survived around 130 million years. Why didn’t the dinosaurs last?