Interpretive Display Centre - Daintree Rainforest Information

Interpretive Display Centre
The Display Centre is a large, open plan complex of over 410 square metres. It offers a wide range of information about the rainforest. Colourful displays incorporate both pictures and easy to read text.

The Centre also offers a number of interactive information kiosks with touch screen displays to allow easy access to a variety of information suitable for all ages.

The displays begin with an historical perspective starting with the big bang theory of evolution. This is followed by an animated film that explores the formation of Gondwana Land and the ‘age of the dinosaurs’.

The flora and fauna of the rainforest is presented in considerable detail including information about the Cassowary, Crocodiles and many other creatures unique to the Daintree.

The beautiful Ulysses Butterfly, the Giant Green Tree Frog, the strange Stink-horn fungi, the dreaded Stinging Tree and many other points of interest are included in our displays.

Extensive balconies provide all-weather protection from the elements. They are an ideal place for taking photos, bird watching, or just relaxing and appreciating the ambience of the rainforest. They are also a great refuge if it’s raining.









3D Cassowary Display
The Daintree Discovery Centre is part of a cassowary corridor and cassowaries can often be seen at the Centre. However, staff do not feed them and spotting one is a matter of chance. This spectacular display includes a life size female, male with 2 chicks – it is a safe and practical way for visitors to have their photo taken with one of these giant endangered birds.

Climate Change Display
As part of the Climate Change story, a series of mega fauna are used to show the link between the decline of pre-historic species and radical changes in the Earth’s climate. Visitors can not only explore these theories via informative displays, but they can also extend their understanding of the issues by immersing themselves in a series of DVDs that explain the concept in detail.

A 20 seat theatre offers a variety of highly acclaimed audio visual presentations complementing the environmental display. Visitors can select from a variety of DVDs that provide an insight into the rainforest which, until now, has been inaccessible to the public.










Freshwater Creek Ecology
There is very little visual interpretation on lowland tropical waterways yet many aquatic systems are seriously threatened. This multi dimensional display traces aquatic life from the mountains to the sensitive mangroves. Designed by an award winning 3D sculptor, it is particularly relevant for people interested in preserving tropical waterways.

Reptile Display
The Reptile Room was created using recycled materials. The Discovery Centre is not a zoo but customer surveys show a significant interest in reptiles and amphibians. They are often nocturnal, well camouflaged and difficult to spot. Rather than have people trampling the rainforest we have recreated the landscape so they can be observed without damaging their habitat.


Do you know the difference between a cyclone and a tornado? Find the answer in the Interpretive Display Centre

Entry Fees

Adult: AUD$37.00
Concession/Student: AUD$34
Child: AUD$18.00 (5 – 17 years)
Family: AUD$90.00

Audio Tour (8 languages)
68 Page Interpretive Guide Book
7 Day free re-entry
Children’s Audio Tour (suit 5 – 9 years)

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COVID-19 RESPONSE: Following a period of closure due to COVID-19, the Daintree Discovery is again fully operational and open to the public seven days a week.

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8.30 am – 5 pm
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