Are you yearning for your next epic holiday with lots of fun, excitement and relaxation in a beautiful tropical location? Well Port Douglas may very well be the holiday destination you have been looking for!

Port Douglas is a tourist haven north of Cairns located on the Coral Sea with a huge variety of attractions and exciting places to explore on your next holiday. Port Douglas has an old fishing village charm and is an oasis that has retained its traditional beauty. This tropical holiday destination is surrounded by natural wonders from the unmissable Great Barrier Reef to the tranquillity of the Daintree Rainforest.

There are so many things to do in Port Douglas, you will be spoilt for choice!


Port Douglas is one of the best places to start your journey exploring the natural wonders the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world so you would be crazy to miss it while on your visit to Port Douglas.

There are many fantastic Great Barrier Reef sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling cruises departing from Port Douglas that you can take advantage of. Seeing the coral and sea life the Great Barrier Reef has on display with your own eyes up close is an experience you need to tick off your bucket list. Any of the snorkel or scuba diving tours on offer departing from Port Douglas will give you this once in a life time opportunity that cannot be missed.

If you would prefer to gain an overhead and far reaching view of this great natural wonder, helicopter tours are also available from Port Douglas. Fly over Port Douglas and out across the ocean via helicopter to see the best of land, sea and reef from the air. However you choose to experience the Great Barrier Reef, be sure to have this as your top pick of things to do in Port Douglas.


If you are looking for a wonderful day trip from Port Douglas, look no further than the Daintree Discovery Centre. Located in the middle of the Daintree, a world heritage listed rainforest, the Daintree Discovery Centre has a wealth of activities and natural attractions to explore.

With attractions including a canopy tower, aerial walkway, rainforest boardwalks and interpretive centre, you will get the most out of your visit to the Daintree Rainforest by visiting the Daintree Discovery Centre.

The Canopy Tower gives you access to various levels of the Daintree Rainforest including having the unique perspective of standing above the tree line, looking down and out across the expansive rainforest. The areal walkway and rainforest boardwalks also offer guests the ability to walk easily through the rainforest and absorb the natural surroundings.

Anyone who visits the Daintree Discovery Centre also receives a free audio tour included in the admission price. With an audio tour included, you can make the most of your visit and learn all there is to know about this natural wonder. The interpretive centre also provides further resources to teach you all about the wonders of the Daintree Rainforest.

The Daintree Discovery Centre is just over an hour’s drive from Port Douglas, making this the perfect day trip for you and your family.


If one of the things to do in Port Douglas during your visit is to find the perfect tropical location to have a wedding, then you are in luck! This beautiful and picturesque chapel is a wonderful wedding destination as well as being a great photo stop for tourists while visiting Port Douglas. This beautiful structure by the sea, sitting amongst tropical gardens and parks, holds a rich history and is one of the oldest structures in Port Douglas. This is also a top spot for couples from all around the country and the globe to hold their weddings, and who could blame them? The chapel and surrounding gardens are just gorgeous. This pretty location is well worth a visit while staying in Port Douglas.


There is so much on offer in the surrounding areas of Port Douglas that are easily accessible and this extends into the picturesque Kuranda village located in the middle of the Rainforest, one hour south of Port Douglas. There is a wonderful natural beauty here and a relaxed atmosphere that you will enjoy. There is a real small town charm in Kuranda village with local markets and friendly locals to greet you and the surrounding area of Kuranda has a fantastic range of natural wonders such as the breathtaking Barron falls that are also worth a visit in this little piece of paradise.

The list of activities in Kuranda are endless including a Kuranda riverboat cruise, birdworld, a butterfly sanctuary, Kuranda Koala gardens, the skyrail rainforest cable way and so much more! You will not regret putting Kuranda on your list of things to do while visiting Port Douglas.


We may be talking up many of the magnificent areas surrounding Port Douglas, but Port Douglas itself has a range of sights and attractions worth exploring also. If you are seeking wonderful local arts and crafts to purchase as momentous of your holiday, head to the famous Port Douglas Sunday markets at Anzac Park. These colourful markets are open every Sunday from 8 am to 1.30 pm and are perfectly located on the seaside. Delightful handmade goods have been traded here for almost 20 years so be sure to have these markets on your list of thing to do in Port Douglas.


You can’t visit tropical Queensland without visiting a beach for a day of surf, sun and sand, and Port Douglas has the best beach to do just that. Four Mile Beach is one of the major beaches in Port Douglas, perfect for a day out in the sun and relaxing in the cool, clear water. This wide beach with white sand and crystal clear water stretches right along the eastern side of Port Douglas. Whether you are relaxing on the sand or having a splash in the ocean, you can’t miss having a day of leisure and relaxation at this beautiful beach location.


If you are seeking out the best picture perfect view in Port Douglas, look no further than Flagstaff hill. This the best vantage point to receive stellar views across Port Douglas and the stunning coastline of Four Mile Beach. Take it easy and drive, hire a bike or take your time and enjoy the walk up to this amazing vantage point for the perfect scenic holiday snap.


Exploring natural wonders are not the only things to do in Port Douglas. Embrace your creative side and discover one of the main attractions available in the heart of Port Douglas. Port Douglas has a wide range of colourful and unique art galleries showing off the artistic talents on offer from the region’s best artists. The surrounding areas of Port Douglas also have art galleries dotted around the countryside that you can explore.


If retail therapy is more your style, Port Douglas has you covered. If you are craving a shopping trip on your Port Douglas holiday and looking for the best place to spend some dough, head to Macrossan Street. This is Port Douglas’s shopping central. Located in the main street of town, duck in and out of the boutique stores that line the streets or pop into one of the many restaurants and cafes for a bite to eat. If you are looking for world class and high quality food and wine, the dining options on Macrossan Street will have your tastebuds tingling.


Delve into the Aboriginal culture and learn about the traditional owners of the land while on your visit to Port Douglas. Learn how they lived in the natural environment and appreciate their rich culture by taking part in a tour or cultural experience to absorb yourself in one of the oldest cultures in the world. Many options are available in this area including indigenous tours which teach you how the aboriginal people made the most of the natural environment that surrounded them. There are also opportunities to see traditional indigenous performances in and around Port Douglas.


If you are lucky enough to visit Port Douglas in May, you will have the wonderful opportunity to attend the Port Douglas Carnivale. This 10 day long annual celebration fills the streets of Port Douglas with fun and entertainment. This Carnivale is all about dancing, food, wine, shopping, arts, sports, culture, comedy and more. This truly is the highlight of the year in Port Douglas and will be one of the top things to do in Port Douglas if you visit at this time of year.

If this list does not whet your appetite for a holiday in this beautiful tropical location, nothing will. You will not run out of things to do in Port Douglas if you choose this lovely tropical paradise for your next holiday and this list has barely scratched the surface. From natural landscapes to shopping havens and epic places to explore and discover, there is something here for everybody to enjoy.


View the Daintree Rainforest Canopy


Access to mid level Daintree Rainforest


Discover the Interpretive Display Centre


Daintree Rainforest self-guided tours

Leave your pets at home; take any rubbish out with you; don't feed the wildlife and don't pollute the water.
Enjoy yourself and leave nothing but footsteps and take nothing but photographs! 

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