Things to do in the Daintree

1. Visit the oldest Part of the Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is an Exciting Pre-historic environment that contains many botanical species that were present when the dinosaurs were alive.
Although the Daintree National Park extends up and Down the Far North Queensland Coast, many of the Southern Pockets of National Park are relatively Young, around 70,000 years old. To visit the Oldest Part of the Daintree Rainforest visitors must take the Ferry North across the Majestic Daintree River. The Rainforest across the river on the way to Cape Tribulation is widely regarded as the oldest tropical rainforest on Earth dated at around 150 Million years old!

2. See Daintree Rainforest from all levels of the Canopy

The 23m Canopy tower at the Daintree Discovery Centre is widely considered the number one thing to do in the Daintree Rainforest. Combined with the 10m high elevated Aerial Walkways and over 900m of elevated Boardwalks, visitors can experience every level of this ancient environment from the leaf litter on the forest floor, to high up above the top of the rainforest canopy.

3. Search for Wild Cassowaries

Searching for wild Cassowaries at the Daintree Discovery Centre is one of the other great things to do in the Daintree Rainforest. As a natural Corridor and wild Cassowary Habitat, The Daintree Discovery Centre provides Wild Cassowaries with naturally occurring Food Sources including Cassowary Plums and Blue Quandongs. Macleans Creek that winds its way through the property, provides a vital source of water for the Cassowaries as they drink and Bath in the Creek on a Daily Basis. Cassowaries can be viewed at any time of year, all from the safety of elevated viewing platforms that provide wonderful vantage points for securing that elusive photo!

4. Look Closer – An amazing world right under your nose!

The Daintree Rainforest has one of the most unique ecosystems on Earth. Although many visitors are only interested in seeing, crocodiles, Cassowaries and larger animals, the complex environment containing millions of insects, small invertebrates, reptiles and mammals. Look closer. Home to beautiful Ulysses Butterflies

5. View Local Reptiles and Fish up close

Although there are a myriad of wild reptiles and fish that live in the Daintree Rainforest and surrounding Creeks and rivers, they can often be tricky to spot! The Daintree Discovery Centre has developed a specially designed Creek Ecology Room and a number of Reptile Displays to exhibit some of the weird and wonderful predators of the Jungle. The Creek Ecology Room contains local freshwater fish and crustaceans that can be found all throughout the Daintree. Fish like the Mighty Barramundi, Jungle Perch, and Rainbow Fish are on display and recently an entire new Archer Fish Display has been created. The Daintree Discovery Centre’s Reptile collection includes Palmerston Jungle Pythons, Jullaten Jungle Pythons, Green Tree Pythons, Spotted Pythons and Diamond Carpet Pythons! We also have a resident Boyd’s Forest Dragon who is the Master of Camouflage.

6. Enjoy Lunch and Coffee overlooking a Natural Rainforest Creek

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