Building on the success of our two Gold Australian Tourism Awards earlier this year the Discovery Centre is at it again.

Dinosaurs! Yes dinosaurs are here in the Daintree!

A seven metre long Ripper Lizard, a Giant Thunderbird and a dynamic Diprotodon are among the extraordinary creatures recently discovered at the Discovery Centre. Four of the seven models are believed to be remnants of a special group of dinosaurs that lived in various parts of Queensland around the Jurassic Period.

As winners of the United Nations Environment Award for Leadership in Sustainability the Daintree Discovery Centre takes conservation very seriously. And this latest addition will not only help visitors appreciate the incredible age of the Daintree but also explain the important role it plays in helping offset CO2.

We don’t know why the dinosaurs disappeared but many scientists believe it was due to cataclysmic changes in the climate. The Discovery Centre’s exciting new Interpretive Centre helps to explain the long term impact of climate change and how it affects the environment. This is where the dinosaurs come in!
The section of rainforest north of the Daintree River is an ancient refuge and thought to be the oldest intact lowland tropical rainforest in the world. Many plants species found at the Centre are millions of years older than the dinosaurs. They are what David Attenborough calls ‘green dinosaurs’. And it is one of the reasons this area is part of the World Heritage register.

If you haven’t seen the Discovery Centre’s Dinosaurs now is your big chance. We look forward to sharing them with you . . . before they disappear again!


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Leave your pets at home; take any rubbish out with you; don't feed the wildlife and don't pollute the water.
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